Publishing Assistance

Hourly assistance with whatever you need.

Need help uploading your manuscript to Amazon or Apple books? Not sure where to start? Want someone by your side during this (intimidating, confusing, frustrating) process? Just want someone to tell you where the upload button is?

Get help with a variety of tasks, including…

  • securing an ISBN and barcode
  • choosing the best printer/distributor/publisher for your specific book and goals
  • pricing your book to stay competitive
  • achieve a high rank in your category, or “Bestseller” status
  • submitting your book for Kindle Unlimited
  • ordering proof or author copies
  • uploading your files for publication with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, the iBooks store, Google Books, B&N Press, and the Print on Demand site of your choice
  • choosing where to publish, based on royalty rates and your book’s category
  • updating your keywords and categories
  • choosing the right file types for digital and print publication
  • writing a tagline
  • finding where to give your ebook for free with the paperback version

Our self-publishing assistance is flexible and personalized to you by Deviance Press owner Kristen Forbes and is charged at $45/hour. Contact us to get started!