Let us tidy up your manuscript.

There are two main types of editing: copy and developmental. At Deviance Press, we like to think of copy editing as “the small stuff” and developmental editing as “the big stuff.”

Our copy editors check for grammatical errors such as capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and verb tenses. They also work on sentence structure, paragraph lengths, word choices, and missed words.

Our developmental editors are considered constructive collaborators, who give you specific suggestions about major components of your book like the story, character development, use of dialogue, use of description, narrative voice, style, and language. Our editors offer clear, understandable edits that are marked using Microsoft Word’s track changes – meaning you can accept or reject their suggestions as you see fit. They also offer specific solutions, and avoid vague feedback such as, “It’s boring and too long.”

Suggestions will be clear and specific, such as “The heroine of the story isn’t likable. Let’s give her a new backstory that will make her more sympathetic, such as losing her parents in the flood she escaped.”

All of our editors are respectful and have a deep knowledge of story creation and what sells in today’s markets. Our editors know how to make your book more enjoyable for readers, meaning better reviews and more income for you.

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