Meet Deviance Press

Hello! *insert wave here*

Deviance Press started in early 2018 when marketer-turned-editor Kristen Forbes decided to chase her dream: helping others achieve their dreams.

Every author deserves recognition for the self-discipline and determination it takes to complete a manuscript. At Deviance Press, we find the beauty and strength in every writer’s unique voice.

Whether you’re writing your third novel, creating a resource for your business, or checking an item off your bucket list, our services are personalized to your goals and writing style.

Our high-level services, including content editing and publishing assistance, are provided by our founder, Kristen Forbes. Kristen has been in publishing since 2011, when she joined the then twelve-person team at The Odyssey magazine at Indiana University. The publication has since grown across the country, with a readership of 30 million. Kristen has worked as a contractor for Amazon’s CreateSpace, market researcher, statistician, digital marketing manager, and book editor.

Kristen is currently working toward her MFA in Writing at Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Forbes outside of Sixpence Pub in Savannah, GA.