The New Way to Get Book Reviews: A Look at ‘Pubby’

The Problem

It isn’t big news–getting book reviews has always been an obstacle for self-published authors.

And without book reviews, it’s hard (impossible) for self-published authors to get their books discovered on Amazon.  But of course, it’s hard to get book reviews if no one can even find your book.

Amazon’s rather confusing policies on book reviews has taken away a lot of review options for authors, including:

  • Friends and family can’t leave reviews
  • Social media friends and followers can’t leave reviews
  • You can’t pay anyone for a review, and you can’t give them any sort of gift
  • You can’t review another author’s book to get that author to review yours

Think about it. Not letting an author’s social media follower review their book is sorta like Rotten Tomatoes not letting you rate the Toy Story movies just because you follow Tom Hanks on Instagram.

But enough negativity! Let’s get to the good stuff!

The Solution

So after 4 months of brainstorming how to get around all this, as well as 8 months of coding, 186 different name ideas, and plenty of Nespresso pods, my brother Brad and I are pleased to have come up with and launched a solution.

Pubby is sort of like a subscription book review service for authors. As a member of Pubby, authors earn what we call “snaps” (points) for reviewing other books. They can then use those snaps to get review for their own books.

And no, this doesn’t break the Amazon policy on exchange—we never let the same two authors review each other’s books. And while we’re talking policy, there also aren’t any public links between our authors, and no author is paying another author to review their book.

And for those authors who haven’t yet published that first book, they’re welcome to “load up” on snaps prior to launching their book. Then, once the book is released, they can use up all those snaps at once on tons of reviews.

We offer a variety of subscriptions to suit every author and indie press’s needs, and we’re offering a 10-day free trial on all of them.

We’re super excited about all this, and I KNOW my clients are too. Head on over to to get started, and as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about DeviancePress and (drumroll, please!) Pubby.

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