Writer’s Playlist: Romantic Comedies

What’s a romantic comedy without a little music?

Creating playlists has been a creative exercise for this author for many years. Whenever I find myself stuck in my writing, I pull up my Spotify account, press “New Playlist,” and string together a succession of songs that act as my book’s very own soundtrack.

These songs will have you dreaming up lovesick protagonists, the butterflies of new love, and characters who are ready to leave their heartbreak behind.

“Stay Awhile” by She & Him

Not only is Zooey Deschanel the perfect inspiration for your next leading lady, but this song has us in the mood to write some unrequited love.


“Rolling in the Deep” by Adele

We could create an entire playlist just using Adele’s thick-with-emotion discography, but we particularly love “Rolling in the Deep” for its coupling of a modern beat but intense lyrics. The best romantic comedies mix the laughs with moments of strong emotion.

“Fool” by Frankie Cosmos: Every woman has been made a fool of by a man. This song has our quirky female protagonist ready to say “screw it, I’m done.”

“This Feeling” by Alabama Shakes: This song has us envisioning a heroine sitting with a glass of wine, staring across the bar at the dude she’s crushing on (who is obviously in love with someone else).

“Dreams” by Fleetwood Mac: Listening to the genius and brutally honest lyrics of Stevie Nicks will have your creative juices flowing. Nicks wrote this at a turbulent time, when her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham was coming to an end.

“The Sweetest Thing” by Camera Obscura: This song has us dreaming about first dates and finding new love. Get your protagonist dancing while getting ready for her first date to this sweet tune.

“Better Man” by Leon Bridges: Leon’s lyrics have us dreaming up a leading man who’s, well, man enough to want to be better for the one he loves.

“Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” by Adele: You knew she’d show back up on this list! The song off Adele’s most recent album is a modern hit that will have your heroine turning up the sass, and waving a finger at her ex-lover.

“Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis

This song has us rooting for two lovers who have something big to overcome. Don’t forget to add a barrier to your two characters being together. Make it too easy and you’ll risk losing your reader’s attention.

“Total Control” by The Motels

Every great female protagonist has that moment of hesitation before she allows herself to fall. This song will inspire the control-freak protagonist inside of you, who just won’t let Mr. Prince Charming crack her shell.


What are your favorite songs to write romance to? Let us know in the comments below!




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